Summer in the city. With good weather in mind, and the prospect of some awesome outdoor activities, the Grand Hostel Berlin brings to you our small guide of things going on in and around our hostel.

Friday Night we are running our weekly Bar Tour, where Ben, our thirsty Australian, takes a maximum of 15 guests in and around the best bar and nightlife spots in Berlin. Covering up to 3 different suburbs of Berlin and a minimum of 4 bars (and amaximum ofナ A lot), this is a Tour for the culture savy tourist who wants to experience the Bar scene of a true Berliner.

The night kicks off in the Hostel Bar with a couple of rounds of drinks and small get to know each other time. We then debrief the group and the rules (no real rules) and the agenda for the night. This is followed by a warm up shot of Jägermeister and a quick stop off at the toilet to prepare ourselves for the 5 stop journey on the U-Bahn.

The first 2 bars are located in Neukölln, a cool up and coming area of Berlin, known for its multi cultural lifestyle and unique bar scene. The first bar is bar, a bar madeup of 2 medium sized rooms, one smoking and one non smoking. There is a smalltable for the purchase of cool cheap beverages (Tegernseer 0,5 Liter only €2,5!) and aplethora of tables and chairs to sit and relax and enjoy the funky beats spun by the DJ.

In-between each bar we also like to stop in the street for a little cheeky shot, sometimes mixed with some German surprises, sometimes just straight from Ben's surprise to-go mix (sure to get the blood flowing).

The next bar is just round the corner, called O.T Bar. On Fridays they always have livemusic playing in a nice intimate venue (no more than 30 people would fit inside). The music varies from duets, to 4 piece bands with Double bass and all to a single person with their guitar. Some more shots are consumed here in the bar courtesy of the great bartenders working at O.T bar.

The next stop is straight to the local Spätkauf (convenient store) where we purchase a half litre beer for around € 0.8 and then jump on the train to the next lot of bars. (Drinking on trains is permitted in Berlin).

We then head to the area known as Kreuzberg36, and check out a neat little French who runs a Bar called Madame Claude. They also have live music, the entry to this place is covered in the bar tour price. Inside there is a nice surprise, almost everything is upside down, see how much little things you notice that are upside down. (A guest was one time inside the bar for a full hour before he realised that everything was upside down Tongue Out).

The last official stop is a great funky cellar underground bar called Kleine Reise. They always have a DJ spinning anything from house to funk and the feeling generated inside the bar is one of pure friendliness mixed with the thought that you are dancing in a place that looks like it was once a big toilet (I mean this in a very positive manner).

After here comes spontaneous time, many of the group will have gone their separate ways of had to carry themselves home, the ones that remain are free to continue on with the faithful leader providing he still maintains his professional level of composure and doesnt have an early shift the next day Saturday through to Monday.

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