Konzentrationslager in Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen NS Concentration Camp Tour

The former concentration camp Sachsenhausen is located 20 km in the north of Berlin. Hundreds of thousands were imprisoned here during the reign of the Nazis and about 50.000 were murdered. The camp in Sachsenhausen was a training facility for the SS and one of the headquarters of the entire concentration camp system. After 1945, when the Nazis were defeated, the Soviet Army used Sachsenhausen as a camp for their political enemies – and again thousands were interned and killed. We start the tour here at the hostel and take the train to Oranienburg. After visiting the Concentration camp, you can share your own impressions and we will talk about the repercussions of the Nazi crimes until today.
Close to the bone – but a must do when in Germany

KZ Lager

Bartour durch Berlin

Bar Tour

Berlin is said to be one of the greatest cities for nightlife worldwide. We want to show you some of our favorite spots and also bring you together with other guests of Grand Hostel. We start out at some laid-back bars and pubs in the neighborhood and work our way towards the more buzzy nightlife spots.

Join us and have fun!

Bartour Berlin
Grand Bar Tour

Fahrradtour durch Berlin

City Bike Tour

Main and hidden sights. Special: Keep the bike and return it in the evening – 5 hours
Discover Berlin’s main and hidden sights the local way! Our bike tour features both many of Berlin’s main attractions (Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz) and also the hip neighborhoods known for their subcultures and street art.

We start the tour right here at the hostel and then explore the city in all its colors. The Grand Bike Tour is the perfect introduction to Berlin and shows you the beauty and the diversity of the city. After the Tour you are welcome to keep the Bike for the rest of the day.

Grand Bike Tour
Fahrradtour Berlin