New website for the Grand Hostel

New website for the Grand Hostel

There it is! Our new website. We’ve decided to leave our old look behind and head in a new direction. The logo, as well as design, have undergone a complete change, and shine in new splendor.
We want to emphasise strongly by our appearance that our Hostel is a pearl amongst the other Hostels and that with a small amount of money you can still have all your expectations met and more!

To the changes

We’ve streamlined the whole navigating structure, to present to you the more important sites and so that you can get a faster impression of the hostel. Our team page represents, among other things, the employees themselves, as well as the head of the Grand Hostel. The varying categories of our rooms, presented with photos and a short description of our premises.  Important to note is the service category. Here you can find information about our tours, bike rental, the tasty breakfast and our centrepiece; the Library Bar. Additionally you may be eager to continuously receive news about the Hostel from our blog.

Quite new is the mobile view of the website. Here you can much more clearly get to your desired information.

We’re not going to stop just yet; the site is going to keep growing along with our social media activity to continue the change and development of our appearance. For this reason, it interests us greatly, what you think of the site, and we would greatly appreciate some feedback on the comments or our contact form so that we can improve the website in accordance with you recommendations.

Thanking you all greatly!


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